When it comes to protein shakes my choices are sometimes limited.  When you avoid soy, dairy, poultry, and gluten you have ruled out almost all the easy sources of protein that can be added to beverages.  This meant that when I saw Ancient Grains Nuwi Quinoa Smoothies on sale at a local store I had to give them a try.

Nuwi banana flavoured quinoa smoothie

Nuwi banana flavoured quinoa smoothie (Photograph from Nuwi website – nuwi.us)

The packaging is a little unclear, and would benefit from more prominent and larger nutritional information and ingredients listings, but fortunately I could check their website using my phone to find that the banana smoothie contained just springwater, organic quinoa flour, organic agave nectar, and “natural banana flavour”.  This seemed to mean it would be safe for me to drink, but would the taste make it worth drinking?

The directions are that it would be best served chilled, as is the case with most smoothies.  I didn’t wait that long and sipped a cool but not chilled smoothie as I unloaded shopping into the boot of my car.  All the glass bottle needed was a good shake, and the smoothie took on a creamy consistency with a pleasant banana taste backed up by the light but noticeable earthy taste of quinoa. The serving feels small, but it hits the spot as a snack between meals.

For 160 calories, and 3gm of protein, this is definitely a between meals snack beverage rather than a meal substitute but with strawberry, blueberry and apple flavours also available in the range I can definitely see myself drinking them again.


  • Great taste and consistency
  • Limited ingredients
  • Healthy option