Allergy sufferers get served a double blow when it comes to convenient energy drinks, our restrictive diet can leave us feeling in need of a  boost, but the ingredients of many energy drinks and workout shakes are an allergy minefield.  Sometimes it is just simpler to make your own from basic ingredients and avoid the risk altogether!

For the purposes of this recipe I’ve tailored the drink to my own taste.  Feel free to substitute your own ingredients and experiment with flavours of your own!

Serves 1 | Preparation: 2-5 minutes | Cooking: None

Place all the ingredients in the blender bottle and shake well.  If you don’t shake hard enough the quinoa and Koawach can clump up, so it really is worth the effort.  Then it is just a matter of drinking and enjoying your tasty concoction!

To make this a strawberry milkshake I just replace the chocolate additions with powdered freeze-dried strawberries.  You could even blend in your own berry mix.